Post Event Form

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If you have questions while completing this form, please contact Terri Messler at 850.606.2331.

Save time by transferring data from your grant application.

If you have your grant application reference number, we can use it to autofill some of the information below for you.

Organization must be the same as the one awarded the grant

*Overnight Visitors = Participants, family, spectators and others attending the event from out of town.

1. An invoice from your organization to Leon County Tourist Development Council c/o Visit Tallahassee for payment of awarded grant amount.
2. Valid invoice(s) for allowable expenses. Please submit only enough receipts to reach awarded grant amount.
3. Copy of proof of payments such as cleared check record showing front and back of checks, or detailed credit card receipts. For all media buys please provide tear sheets, copies of advertisements, schedules and signed station affidavits.
4. Number of visitors calculated with backup documentation (i.e. Visitor Tracking Form, Results, Rosters, Ticket/Attendance Reports, etc.)
5. Number of room nights tracked with backup documentation (i.e. Hotel Reports, hotel letters, surveys, etc.)
6. Copies of marketing or advertising materials, websites showing Visit Tallahassee logo.

I certify that the above information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.